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The App

Unlock your mind, body and potential! Let go the distress, exhaustion and suffering! Immerse in the state of true happiness and blissful serenity like a Zen Master with eChant!

Unlike other similar apps that only tap into a single consciousness, eChant combines the Sound and Sight in a heavenly harmonious whole-ness that will accompany you into divine meditative moments. With 3 tracks of re-mixed ancient chants and 7 sets of professionally edited Meditation Pictures for selection, a specially arranged permutation in accordance with powerful Buddhist numerology, this app will empower the users by providing glimpses into their inner-selves and outer-realities.

Turn on the app, listen to the peaceful chants, look at the soothing pics, you can follow The Path by meditation through eChant. Personal successes, fruitful relationships, good health and balanced Karma will be attained.

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The Dev Team

Wong Koi Tet, Tan Ing How, Ong Beng Lai
Francis Ng, Chia Jit San

The Screenshots

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