Map Camera: Append a Map to your Photo

Press release

Cult of Mac coverage by Charlie Sorrel

"Can I Have a Map with That Photo?" on iOS Photo Apps by Raman Pfaff

"Map Camera puts location scout maps right on your photos" on Hand Held Hollywood by Taz Goldstein

Map Camera not just shares your photos with friends, it also tells them where and when your photos are taken, right on the photos themselves.

Map Camera lets you append a location map to each of your photos with a single tap.

It prints location and time stamp automatically on your photos as you take them.

You may select from any of the 3 map types: standard, satellite or hybrid.

3D map is available too on iOS 7!

Filters are selected and applied on the fly as you take photos rather than after photos are taken. You see the world through the selected filter while composing your shots!

In-app single-tap sharing of your creations via Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, email...

No cropping is required when shared to Instagram.

Tightly integrated with Whatsapp, Line, Wechat, etc.

Seamless integration with Dropbox, Box, G Drive, SkyDrive, etc

List technical things about your photos (ISO, shutter speed, flash...)

Import photos from photo library for location and time stamping, and map appending.

Minimalist and intuitive interface design with swipe and tap gestures.

Select and switch photo formats (Portrait, landscape, square) on the fly.

Select and switch photo filters on the fly while composing your shots.

Complete metadata (exif, GPS, ...) is retained in final saved photos.

List and view all raw metadata on an overlay.