Need to keep your loved ones informed of your whereabouts? Want to know where your friends are at any given moment?

Using Ping-O-Rama, friends and loved ones can ping the real-time location of each other with a simple touch. You can even trace the route of your friend on the move if he allows you.

Don't worry, no stranger can stalk you with this app. For someone to ping your location, he needs to have your phone number AND he has to be in your iPhone's address book.

- Very easy to use. Tap and see your friend appear on the map;

- Very easy to get started. No need for usernames and passwords, everything is based on your phone number and your iPhone's address book;

- Very secure. You are always among friends and loved ones, no one outside your address book will be able to intrude;

- Very effective. Your friend gets a push notification as soon as you ping him/her. He/she can then update his/her location for you immediately by simply opening the app;

- Very secure, again. You know who pings you. You can choose not to update your current location when you get a ping. Your privacy is kept intact.


Internet connection and location services.


We will not do data mining or sell any bits from our database servers that support this app.