Supernatural Camera: UFO
(An iPhone App by SeeSaw)

The App

Uncover the flying objects in the clear blue sky (or the starry night sky) that elude the naked human eyes!

Do you believe in Extra-Terrestrial and the UFO? Ever look into the skies and wonder what is up there? Now you can always be at the right place at the right time.

With sCam UFO, you can easily snap a pic of the skies and spot a looming UFO! Turn yourself into a supernatural phenomenon hunter and convert your friends to true believers.

The Price Tag


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The Features (Ver 1.0)

The Enhancements (Ver 1.1)

The Community

Share your UFO pics with other aficionados at our Flickr group and the sCam UFO blog

The Contact

To compliment or to complain, it's the same email address:

We value your feedback. We will act upon it to improve our app.

The Dev Team

Wong Koi Tet, Tan Ing How, Ong Beng Lai
Francis Ng, Chia Jit San

The Screenshots (Ver 1.0)

pic1 pic2 pic3 pic4 pic5 pic6 pic7 pic8

The Screenshots (Ver 1.1)

pic_v1.1_1 pic_v1.1_2 pic_v1.1_3 pic_v1.1_4 pic_v1.1_5 pic_v1.1_6 pic_v1.1_7 pic_v1.1_8 pic_v1.1_9