(An iPhone App by SeeSaw)

The App

SGChat stands for Simple Group Chat. It is not just a chat app, it's a game!

You get all the goodness of a regular texting app: no sms bills, unlimited messages, send pics and videos, etc.

You are not limited by one-to-one messaging. Enjoy the social aspect of a chat room with many friends at the same time. Create and edit groups in your friends list.

Plus, there are some interesting game aspects built into this messaging app. Ever regretted after sending a message? With this app, you can simply remove it! Your messages will be removed from the server as well as from all devices that have downloaded them! You can remove an annoying chatter and all his/her messages from a chat.

You can like a chatter by giving him/her the thumbs-up; or show disapproval by bombing him/her. You can summon a bomber and view bombs literally dropping and exploding on your chat, with audio effects!

This app is about simplicity and usability. It is also about innovation. We have introduced the "Uncluttered Screen" concept where the screen is utilized fully for displaying chat messages. The input box is hidden until when you want to type a message.

Downloaded messages can be archived and are searchable.

SGChat is about community building, in a meaningful and personal way. We do not have open public chat rooms. Our chats are built with chatters adding friends, so everyone is always linked personally to someone else.

SGChat is about choice. Text intimately or chat socially, your choice. You may share one account among all your iDevices, or you may register an account for each device, giving each a unique identity. Every chat comes with a title which can be edited at any time by any chatter. So you decide if you want the chat to be focused or anything goes. You also choose whether or not to reveal your email to friend's friends.

SGChat is about democracy. All chatters are equal. The person who creates a chat does not enjoy any privillege in the chat. He/she is equally susceptible to being removed by other chatters.

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The Contact

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The Developers

Wong Koi Tet, Tan Ing How, Ong Beng Lai, Francis Ng, Chia Jit San

The Screenshots

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